Google Map Champ!

Wanted to take the opportunity to share as to how magnificent google map is! Yesterday I brought my goldwing to Honda Motorcycle shop nearby in Daly City. A bit south of San Francisco for 16,000 mile service – change oil. Change spark plugs etc. 2-3 hours so decide to take city transportation back to join w my dearest family for the day. Here I show how it is being utilized as I return back to the shop in the afternoon to pick up our dear goldwing! (Yes we both love our bike very much!)

On the first segment from Butch n Allen s place – riding on J-church route light rail

See two different city transportation on the image above and blue dot – that s my current location

Close up of the connection from first transit to 2nd transit – walk path and my exact location as I walk from one to another

Google map route in text

Another close up of my exact walk path enroute to the connecting bus

Now on board bus #14L

Arrived Honda shop!

Find my bike?