Monthly Archives: January 2013

This time – not looking but riding!

After a real freezing snow week last week, turned 62 degree today n got a surprise visit from Walis….

As he dropped by my classroom earlier this aftn. Sure tempted me to ride after work. Indeed it sure got me to ride back to school to pick up my dearest daughter, Marika then back home. A short yet sweet ride!

Last morning in Riverside








Our last morning as plane get ready to go in 20 mins for the Windy City

Wanted to say that it was so wonderful to have mommie outlaw with me the whole time this weekend and we all are mighty proudest of Marika and how beautiful she performed along with her team at the tourney!

Finally a short test ride

Finally had the chance to do a short ride testing the new ultimate seat and back rest support. Love it already. Sit half inch higher and one and a half inch back. This allow more legroom and not only this, am able to enjoy highway pegs better than before. Seat was real hot as it is heated! Love it!