Monthly Archives: April 2016

EDB Va bike n meeting n bike day

Lovely sunny day to go! Starting at 39-41 degree early in the morning n raised up to 70-75 later in the day

Off I go

  Stopped by Eric s home then he followed me in his Yellowhawk bike on to 
  That intersection where Tom the King of the Korn met us on his bike and on we go to 
 Then some zig zagging back road heading southward toward Sheetz at Hayward in Va. A good one hour and 15 min ride. 3 of us. Met up w 3 other bikers there at Sheetz 

   6 or 7 of us on to EDB meeting site about 17-18 miles away together 

   Our dear Prez Darrell the Dallman

   15 of us altogether. A light lunch thereafter then off we go biking exploring  part of Virginia  
 Now back to Sheetz in Haymarket then some of us split headin back home 

 That is not all. – some cigar n pipe time chatting with my Dear wife  

 then hot tub before the night r over 

 what a great day!