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Back to work Bike Day – Monday, August 28, 2017

Now that summer has come to an end – sniff – still never stop motorcycling – correct? Smile – Anyhow on our first day, Monday August 28, 2017 – the 3 of us, Tom, Eric and myself met up at Spring Ridge Exxon & rode back road – a real nice back road toward Columbia Campus for our morning welcome gathering –

Unfortunately we were not able to shoot some picture while riding on our bike – however shot of us 3 upon our arrival at Columbia Campus –

The 2 of them had to stay at Columbia Campus for the afternoon while I had to return back to Frederick Campus for my department meeting – So I texted Sean who live in between n we met up at a pizza place enroute for a short lunch/chat –

Sorry – did not have the chance to shoot a picture of Sean with me other than both of our bikes together – then off I went on to Frederick Campus for the afternoon –

Here’s the usual route/stats –

The Six Herwig’s ~ Saturday August 26, 2017

Saturday Early morning the 26th of August, 2017 – Getting ready to meet the rest of the biker for the day –

at the Sheetz here in Frederick –

arriving at –

Then onward heading north toward State College, Pa –

One of our buddy had to get gas so a quick pause on the side of the road


Yummy we r gonna have a FEAST!!! see for yourself!

and can you guess what Craig had (see below)

Poor him – missing this awesome Austrian home made food!

Thereafter – we took a short walk around the State College town –
& bumped into Sean’s newfound buddy!

Sean the Famous Sean Markel Show really put on great laughs among us all!

A short bike around PSU campus and a couple quick stops enroute –

Finally heading back south – home bound – at least 3 hours ride back – an awesome day for sure!

A short stop at the Cowans Gap State Park for some of us to dress up a bit (getting cooler) and bid some farewell as we’ll split up as we get closer to our final destination –

S’long Six Herwigies!

Our route for the day –

and our stats for the day – a total of almost 12 hours almost 300 miles – definitely one of many wonderful bike gathering/riding/fun days!

How can I not resist a cup of latte at the end of the day? Smile

Skyline Drive – Day 2 of 2 – August 25, 2017

Morning light breakfast in town – on the 25th of August, 2017

off we go – to the famous Skyline Drive – a total of 105 miles one way – 35 mph speed limit throughout yet awesome winding road throughout –

Early in the ride – got a snapshot stating that our son was featured in Frederick Sports section –

and off we go – heading north…..

A quick stop before heading back home in time to watch our son’s football (scrimmage)

Here’s a pic of our son playing quarterback

and us hugging him after the scrimmage!

Frederick to Staunton – Day 1 of 2 – August 24, 2017

Departed early in the afternoon on the 24th of August, 2017  back road all the way down to Staunton, Va – A delightful ride all along! Making a couple stop enroute –

arriving Staunton – checking into our Hotwire reserved hotel of their choice – Very nice hotel!

off we go for a short ride visiting Va School for the Deaf before parking bike for the night

Heading back to hotel

Dinner in town! with great local beer too!

And our route n stats for the afternoon/evening

Half Day Ride w Precious Daughter, Karita, July 25, 2017

Grabbing every moment we got with our precious daughter, Karita before she start new chapter of her life – Going to Gallaudet in a couple days – Heading off in the morning the 25th of July, 2017 ~ as always – another awesome day of riding!

Can ya guess where we’re heading for our breakfast?

Yummy – egg everything bagel Reuben Style

High Rock & Gettysburg Ride! – July 22, 2017 – Summer Ride

Another great Summer Day – off we go, my darlingest Wife n me – heading north back road – real nice ride – toward High Rock – close to Pa state line – on the 22nd of July – 2017

And on north-northeastward we go toward Gettysburg

umm shall we go for this one?


Yummy ~ what a great day of riding – off we go back home

here’s our route/data