Monthly Archives: April 2017

Short n sweet ride

Wishing my wife a great daythen wishing my daughter a great day as she head off to Gallaudet for the day w her friendsand one more kissand then off I go buddies we ride for half of a day  temp low 40’s gradually going up to upper 50’s by end of our ridea quick stop at the famous Harper’s FerryShepherdstown, WVa. Our favorite stop ~ Mellow Mood Cafe for our lunch ~ yummythink he had a mushroom sandwich of some kindme a red rice and hemp seed burger. Yummy. With quinoa saladhad smoked onion and potato soup

and 3 of us togetherateith his new found hot smooth soothe drink –  

next stop getting Choc Raspberry coffee bean for my darlin wife. Delicious coffee!!! And another latte cup to our collectiononward we go ~ backroad ~ to South Mountain Creamery never get tired of this great scenic route even tho been through this route quite often!