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Day 3 of 3 – Southern Va

Day Three now – with Sean’s ongoing problem – took a quick detour to Yamaha shop in town and they replaced his rectifier – an electrical device that has been causing problem –

now problem solved  – off we go – heading back north!

Happy biker as we enter backroad after a short distance on the freeway heading into northern part of Blue Ridge Parkway

lovely view – been like this all 3 days of riding actually!

lunch break

then doing the whole 105 miles of Skyline drive – an easy 35 mph ride all the way with awesome view of the range!

a total of 900 miles over 3 days – 2 satisfied bikers!

We are officially “Back of the Dragon” rider!

Day 2 of 3 – Southern Va

Day two – getting all pepped up for our great 2nd day of biking, especially the “Back of the Dragon” route!

all set to go!

one more stop – Starbucks for a Latte!

That is a 32 miles and 438 curves of knee dragging fun!

odd to  find such a biker  – 

Sean being honored with this new earned badge!

oh no – another problem with Sean’s bike once again – poor him

wanting to do this one additional route before we call it a day!

Only 150 miles for the day yet probably thousands n thousands of curves all day long – lovely valley area. And we can say that we have actually ridden the “Back of the Dragon” road – definitely will be back!

Day 1 of 3 ~ Southern Va

At the moment of the spur – based on weather forecast – beautiful weather for the next 3 days so off we go – Sean and myself – Wednesday, July 18, 2018. A dream to bike the “Back of the Dragon” the second famous route of the east coast boasting so many turns/curves within a short distance! It is the Appalachian range itself – beautiful!

Off we go……

A quick lunch stop at Ed’s Grill

Getting stuck off hwy 81 as we near our hotel for the night

still waiting

Called for police to help us – 

and a jump start – started Sean’s bike n off we go the remaining 30 minutes

A great day one biking except being stuck by the highway shoulder only 30 minutes from our hotel. Waiting for towing co to bring gas to Sean. As it get darker. Getting dangerous so called for police for safety reason. Finally towing co brought Sean some gas and jump start his bike. Off we went to hotel! A 350 mike full day of riding. Really lovely ride!