Monthly Archives: October 2016

EDB bike day

Sunday, October 23rd – Eric hosted this great all day bike trip to Lancaster county area. He originally schedule Saturday with Sunday as rain date. If weather was not too windy on Saturday, I would have missed his great trip  therefore am thankful for strong gust wind on Saturday! 

Anyhow as I get ready to meet up with group at Starbucks in Mt Airy

A short ride away

7 of us altogether. All set to start the day!

Here’s our road captain ~ amazing with his old technologyand a map

A short quick stop enroutesecond page all good to go!ready for our lunch at one of those Amish restaurant just before we enter the restaurantnice hehconverted Amish biker!now our table r readyeating!then comes our dessert that Lindy purchased for us to sample. How sweet of her!called shoo fly pie. Could’ve eaten the whole thing however that ll way exceed recommended sugar intake for the whole day for everyone really!!!that s the place! I gave it 2 star vote 😢   Off we go for a short bike ride to see caboose accommodation. Very interesting debating whether we oughta head a bit north to the famous soft pretzel place or head home. Two didn’t want to join us so we bid them farewellafter they departed we realize that the pretzel place is closed on Sunday’s 

Decide to head back home

Decided to stick w back road heading back home – almost 11 hour day trip and a total of 250 miles. Kudos to our road captain, Eric Mansfield for a well planned day bike trip! We all had a great time!