Monthly Archives: December 2015

Post Christmas 2 day ride

Yesterday, December 26th and again today, December 27th. Had the opportunity to enjoy a real leisure backroad ride for an hour each day with my dearest family members!!!!





Notice on both Motion X-GPS map.  It stopped while running in background. Not sure why – gotta figure it out however what is shown both days r half of our actual back road riding! 😢

Biking w dearest daughter Karita – December 12

Weather – unusually warm – 70’s

Now we’r heading toward Potomac river north of Harper’s Ferry

Then toward Shepherdstown, our favorite town in WVa

Hemp burger – delicious!
 Wheat grass drink!
  Heading out toward Gathland State Park 


Always so wonderful to go biking with my children!  Thank you Karita for riding with me! A photo/biking afternoon!