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Skyline Drive – my 2nd trip

My 2nd time running down the famous National Park Skyline Drive – Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. – hosted by David Sipple. Small group due to Cold weather. Started at 39 degree early 7am and hover in low 40s almost all day long.

Off I go 6:50am – in sequence


Temp 39 degree

Met up with Craig and Tom

 The. On to Dinosaur Land a short n which photo stop enroute to Front Royal


IMG_0320.JPG A nine minutes  hop later

Met up with David Sipple and his better half. David the road captain of the Skyline Drive

Accidentally killed this motion x gps app through most part of skyline drive on right side alongside the dotted route – 35mph almost all the way. Lots of cars.  Quite some motorcyclists.

Here come some selected pics we shot down the skyline drive

 Almost lunch time. Off we go to….


  See our bikes out there….


IMG_0331.JPG Great lunch!  Great food!
Returning back to Skyline Drive

   Entry to National Park





Already 3pm and still quite cold. There s a frost warning for this evening throughout the region including Frederick. Decide not to go all the way to end of Skyline drive. Missed the last 30 miles n headed back home. A good 3 plus hours coming back via  scenic route 340

Actua 285 miles as this app was killed a portion of skyline drive 😰

Never less it was a great day of biking. We all enjoyed the trip very much. Thank you David for hosting and youn your half were a great company with the big V coming from Craig 👍