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Day Four of 4 – Marlinton, WVa

Being our 4th and last day. Gonna be another awesome weather in area & real hot when we head back home 90 plus degree gulp

watched those six Ontario Canadian pray together and head off on their day loop n bid them farewell as we all had chance to share some of our experience together.  One of the biker done over 8 thousand miles in 8 days and 48 states. He showed a copy of certification. Impressive. Later learned that he is a truck driver. That explains! Yellow boxes = gas stop

Black box = overnight stay

Watching both Craig and Scott departing as they both want to arrive home early n get ready for work on Tuesday whereas Sean had to wait for tow truck to come n tow his bike up to Elkins, WVa 1 1/2 hour north. Tom and I decide to take the Highland Scenic Highway once again (opposite route) then on to Elkins to meet him knowing that they d have his rear tire replaced with new one!lovely Highland Scenic Highway. Everyone of ya oughta go this route! 
Sorry didn’t take picture of Sean with world biggest smile as his bike is up n roaring once again! Rode all the way facing heat wave as we depart the mountain region   Almost ten hours and a bit over 300 miles for the day. And a total of over 900 miles over the 4 day course. Amazing trip. Definitely something for us to remember by! Gonna come back again as it is such a lovely area to explore by motorcycle (auto too as well)

Day Three of 4 – Marlinton WVa Bike trip

Our The Old Clark Inn includes continental breakfast daily so here we are with our second breakfast that Sunday morningwatching a group of six Ontario Canadian Gold wing bikers getting ready to start their day tripmore bikes!Six Canadian goldwingers departing our one way route heading westward with those stops planned in advancea close up zoom – point A to point B – called Highland Scenic highway. Lovely routeThe Famous Sean Markel Show scaring the hell outta of Craig w those pictures above

An animated version here….

Onward we go to our next destination

​​​then on we go to Lake Summerville. Lovely place to swing byonward we go to our dinner spot. Fran’s yummythat was Fran owner. Very nice!

Day Two of 4 – Marlinton WVa Bike trip

Our first morning in Fog ealynin morning yet worry zero. Gonna have another gorgeous day as the sun burn away the fog….  our Inn includes daily continental breakfast…our day loop   Full day of riding with various stops in betweenreviewing our plan for the daythen off we go to our lunch spotmany more bikers came as we r done w our lunchthen off we go back to Marlinton for dinner hen bonfireafterwards we got gas and at that time Sean learned that he s got a flat tire – gulpwhat a great day of biking! 9 hours altogether for the day!

Day One of 4 – Marlinton WVa Bike trip

On my very last day of work at MSD, Friday June 9 – Sean Markel and Craig Hanrahan met with Tom Korn and myself at MSD in the afternoon then off four of us on to Berryville, Va to meet with Scott Connatser then five of us together all the way down to Marlinton, WVa with one stop at Seneca Rock

That was Sean and Craig arriving at MSD

At Sheetz to get gas and light dinner this one guy was walking on the American Discovery Trail from San Francisco to New York. Already on his 8th month and two more months to go. DEAF DOGarrived our final destination and base for the next three nights/ four days

Our stats and route for the dayplease do take a look at Craig’s boot ~ self explanatory