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Day 3 of 3 – Southern Va

Day Three now – with Sean’s ongoing problem – took a quick detour to Yamaha shop in town and they replaced his rectifier – an electrical device that has been causing problem –

now problem solved  – off we go – heading back north!

Happy biker as we enter backroad after a short distance on the freeway heading into northern part of Blue Ridge Parkway

lovely view – been like this all 3 days of riding actually!

lunch break

then doing the whole 105 miles of Skyline drive – an easy 35 mph ride all the way with awesome view of the range!

a total of 900 miles over 3 days – 2 satisfied bikers!

We are officially “Back of the Dragon” rider!

Day 2 of 3 – Southern Va

Day two – getting all pepped up for our great 2nd day of biking, especially the “Back of the Dragon” route!

all set to go!

one more stop – Starbucks for a Latte!

That is a 32 miles and 438 curves of knee dragging fun!

odd to  find such a biker  – 

Sean being honored with this new earned badge!

oh no – another problem with Sean’s bike once again – poor him

wanting to do this one additional route before we call it a day!

Only 150 miles for the day yet probably thousands n thousands of curves all day long – lovely valley area. And we can say that we have actually ridden the “Back of the Dragon” road – definitely will be back!

Day 1 of 3 ~ Southern Va

At the moment of the spur – based on weather forecast – beautiful weather for the next 3 days so off we go – Sean and myself – Wednesday, July 18, 2018. A dream to bike the “Back of the Dragon” the second famous route of the east coast boasting so many turns/curves within a short distance! It is the Appalachian range itself – beautiful!

Off we go……

A quick lunch stop at Ed’s Grill

Getting stuck off hwy 81 as we near our hotel for the night

still waiting

Called for police to help us – 

and a jump start – started Sean’s bike n off we go the remaining 30 minutes

A great day one biking except being stuck by the highway shoulder only 30 minutes from our hotel. Waiting for towing co to bring gas to Sean. As it get darker. Getting dangerous so called for police for safety reason. Finally towing co brought Sean some gas and jump start his bike. Off we went to hotel! A 350 mike full day of riding. Really lovely ride!

Memorial Day Biking! Monday, May 28, 2018

Rather a last minute plan n agreed on a morning ride which turned out to a full day biking! No regrets as we all had a grand time as always!

And then we stopped by one of our co-worker s place near Gathland State Park.

See her mailbox with her name. Unfortunately she was not at home however she texted later welcoming us to stop by…

Onward we went


For our hearty breakfast. Yummy. Our first time there even tho passed by this one restaurant many times. Definitely will be back!

Fun chatting w each other with some laughs. Then a short stroll throughout this lovely townthis is the place where I normally buy delicious chocolate raspberry coffee bean for my Darlingest Wife!

Off we ride again!Antietam battlefield area

Chatted with 4 dual bikers. Tempting to get dual bike someday soon and enjoy off road riding as well! We definitely gotta do that!

taking Lisa s offer to stop by her place for a short visit. Her place right by the South Mountain areaLisa n her husband.

Below ~ our Dear famous The Sean Markel Show with his favorite black g string hehtaking Lisa for a short bike ride. Her second time in her lifetime. The first time was when she was 17 years old. Poor her as she seem a bit stiff?calling it a day. An awesome day as we all head back home! unbelievable. We all agreed on a morning ride yet ended up a full day. No regrets at all! Very satisfying! Here s our stats

Testing! Gonna resume!

Been behind with this biking blog. Not quite happy bout it cuz so many awesome bike time since my last posting here. Will try to catch up posting many wonderful bike trips.

Back to work Bike Day – Monday, August 28, 2017

Now that summer has come to an end – sniff – still never stop motorcycling – correct? Smile – Anyhow on our first day, Monday August 28, 2017 – the 3 of us, Tom, Eric and myself met up at Spring Ridge Exxon & rode back road – a real nice back road toward Columbia Campus for our morning welcome gathering –

Unfortunately we were not able to shoot some picture while riding on our bike – however shot of us 3 upon our arrival at Columbia Campus –

The 2 of them had to stay at Columbia Campus for the afternoon while I had to return back to Frederick Campus for my department meeting – So I texted Sean who live in between n we met up at a pizza place enroute for a short lunch/chat –

Sorry – did not have the chance to shoot a picture of Sean with me other than both of our bikes together – then off I went on to Frederick Campus for the afternoon –

Here’s the usual route/stats –

The Six Herwig’s ~ Saturday August 26, 2017

Saturday Early morning the 26th of August, 2017 – Getting ready to meet the rest of the biker for the day –

at the Sheetz here in Frederick –

arriving at –

Then onward heading north toward State College, Pa –

One of our buddy had to get gas so a quick pause on the side of the road


Yummy we r gonna have a FEAST!!! see for yourself!

and can you guess what Craig had (see below)

Poor him – missing this awesome Austrian home made food!

Thereafter – we took a short walk around the State College town –
& bumped into Sean’s newfound buddy!

Sean the Famous Sean Markel Show really put on great laughs among us all!

A short bike around PSU campus and a couple quick stops enroute –

Finally heading back south – home bound – at least 3 hours ride back – an awesome day for sure!

A short stop at the Cowans Gap State Park for some of us to dress up a bit (getting cooler) and bid some farewell as we’ll split up as we get closer to our final destination –

S’long Six Herwigies!

Our route for the day –

and our stats for the day – a total of almost 12 hours almost 300 miles – definitely one of many wonderful bike gathering/riding/fun days!

How can I not resist a cup of latte at the end of the day? Smile

Skyline Drive – Day 2 of 2 – August 25, 2017

Morning light breakfast in town – on the 25th of August, 2017

off we go – to the famous Skyline Drive – a total of 105 miles one way – 35 mph speed limit throughout yet awesome winding road throughout –

Early in the ride – got a snapshot stating that our son was featured in Frederick Sports section –

and off we go – heading north…..

A quick stop before heading back home in time to watch our son’s football (scrimmage)

Here’s a pic of our son playing quarterback

and us hugging him after the scrimmage!

Frederick to Staunton – Day 1 of 2 – August 24, 2017

Departed early in the afternoon on the 24th of August, 2017  back road all the way down to Staunton, Va – A delightful ride all along! Making a couple stop enroute –

arriving Staunton – checking into our Hotwire reserved hotel of their choice – Very nice hotel!

off we go for a short ride visiting Va School for the Deaf before parking bike for the night

Heading back to hotel

Dinner in town! with great local beer too!

And our route n stats for the afternoon/evening