Memorial Day Biking! Monday, May 28, 2018

Rather a last minute plan n agreed on a morning ride which turned out to a full day biking! No regrets as we all had a grand time as always!

And then we stopped by one of our co-worker s place near Gathland State Park.

See her mailbox with her name. Unfortunately she was not at home however she texted later welcoming us to stop by…

Onward we went


For our hearty breakfast. Yummy. Our first time there even tho passed by this one restaurant many times. Definitely will be back!

Fun chatting w each other with some laughs. Then a short stroll throughout this lovely townthis is the place where I normally buy delicious chocolate raspberry coffee bean for my Darlingest Wife!

Off we ride again!Antietam battlefield area

Chatted with 4 dual bikers. Tempting to get dual bike someday soon and enjoy off road riding as well! We definitely gotta do that!

taking Lisa s offer to stop by her place for a short visit. Her place right by the South Mountain areaLisa n her husband.

Below ~ our Dear famous The Sean Markel Show with his favorite black g string hehtaking Lisa for a short bike ride. Her second time in her lifetime. The first time was when she was 17 years old. Poor her as she seem a bit stiff?calling it a day. An awesome day as we all head back home! unbelievable. We all agreed on a morning ride yet ended up a full day. No regrets at all! Very satisfying! Here s our stats