Back to work Bike Day – Monday, August 28, 2017

Now that summer has come to an end – sniff – still never stop motorcycling – correct? Smile – Anyhow on our first day, Monday August 28, 2017 – the 3 of us, Tom, Eric and myself met up at Spring Ridge Exxon & rode back road – a real nice back road toward Columbia Campus for our morning welcome gathering –

Unfortunately we were not able to shoot some picture while riding on our bike – however shot of us 3 upon our arrival at Columbia Campus –

The 2 of them had to stay at Columbia Campus for the afternoon while I had to return back to Frederick Campus for my department meeting – So I texted Sean who live in between n we met up at a pizza place enroute for a short lunch/chat –

Sorry – did not have the chance to shoot a picture of Sean with me other than both of our bikes together – then off I went on to Frederick Campus for the afternoon –

Here’s the usual route/stats –