Biking for one purpose – Herwig’s Austrian Bistro!

Of course with some stops both directions

Getting ready to go. – get gas then on to Schifferstadt building – to meet with Tom Korn – biker buddy for the day! 7:30am all  set to go
Here’s Tom Korn

Taking a look at those antique signs

Lincoln Highway for a very short time as we continue northward 
Can ya guess why Tom r riding on my bike?

Ran out of gas heh. Luckily gas station was about two miles down the hill. 

Off we continue 

After Tom got his bike filled up with a gal of gas. Off he went down the hill to fill up his bike while I wait at the mountaintop stop n vp with my mother

Then a short biking northbound 

After a good swim n drying in the sun. Off we continue northward toward State College. 1 hour and 50 min to go

Covered bridge 

We have arrived!! Our ultimate destination!

That s the awesome one!

See the menu.  Amazing. All real home made Austrian food! 


Then for my dessert

Awesome food. Delicious!!.  Gave em 5 star rating the last time via Google!
That’s the one!
That s the owner of restaurant (and his parents too I think?). He remember us from our first trip up. Today was my 2nd time! 
That was our next stop. Highest rating. Student made ice cream on Penn State University campus
Long line 



PSU stadium

Back to same gap for a short stop over

Then to a pub for a drink. To my surprise they allow smoking inside so smoked a cigar while drinking beer
14 1/2 hours and 315 miles of awesome riding on an awesome day with an awesome lunch too!

Then latte with ice cream to wrap up an awesome day!  Thank you Tom for coming along! It was fun!